Here at Southside you will find everything from suits to blue jeans.


For Sunday School, you need to arrive between 9:00 and 9:15 am to allow you plenty of time to park and find your classroom. For the 10:30 am Worship Service, you need to arrive at 10:15 am to allow plenty of time to get a parking place and find good seats.


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Guests are welcome to park in guest parking at the 7th Avenue Parking lot directly next to the church. When you park, come directly into the sanctuary and we will escort you to Sunday School, Worship, or the Nursery, wherever you need to go.


Our pastor looks forward

to meeting with all

prospective members to

answer any questions you have about joining

Southside Baptist Church.

Sunday School?

Southside has Sunday

School classes for every

age group!

Preschool and Nursery?

We will escort you and

your family to the

Preschool and Nursery,

located upstairs in the

Educational Wing directly

behind the sanctuary.


You can join us in the same ways you join any other Southern Baptist Church. Click on "How To Become a Member of Southside Baptist Church" for more details.