Pastor's Message

Like our church, it is a “work in progress.” Within these pages, you will find information that will help you know our church a little better. What you will find is that we are not a perfect church, but we take seriously our calling to make a difference.


Our mission is simple: Changing the world through Jesus Christ.


Our vision is powerful: Seeking God through Worship; Sharing Grace through Evangelism and Missions; Shaping Lives through Discipleship; and Serving Together through Ministry and Fellowship.


Our hope is that once you know our church, you will join us in our journey to know Christ better. Through our ministries, our programs, and our worship services, you will see God exalted, lives transformed, and yourself encouraged.


Let me personally invite you to come worship, fellowship and grow with us as a member, visitor, or part of our community at large. And know this – we will be praying for YOU to come join US.


If you would like information on how to join Southside, click on "How to Become a Member."


In Christ alone,

Bro. Ben



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