Park across the street and enter the doors under the steeple.

709 9th St SE | Sundays, 10:30 AM CT

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Arrival & Parking

Plan to arrive early. Prelude music begins at 10:15 AM. Park in the North Parking Lot on 9th St SE, directly across the street from the Steeple. *See Parking Map

Entering the Sanctuary

Enter the building through the Sanctuary doors directly under the steeple. Other doors to the building will remain locked for security.

Facial Coverings

Facial coverings are not required. However, if you feel comfortable wearing a mask, you may do so.


As you enter the building under the steeple, into the vestibule of the Sanctuary, you will find Restrooms on each side for use if needed during the service.


Offering plates are not passed throughout the congregation. Instead, worshipers are encouraged to give tithes and offerings, decisions, prayer requests, or contact information by using the plates located by the entrance doors. Online giving is available at and through the Realm desktop or mobile app. 

Church Office

The Church Office is open Monday - Thursday, 9a - 3p and can be reached at (256) 353-8814. The Office entrance is located on 8th Ave. Ring the bell, and you will be let in, or someone can meet you at the door.

Thank you for Gathering with Southside!

Sunday Gatherings

If you are a guest, please tell us about your visit!