February 20, 2021 Christopher Campbell

Numbers 18:1-20:29 | Let God be God

Numbers 18:1-20:29 | Let God be God

Today, I read Numbers 18:1-20:29 in the NET Bible [Historical Plan]. 

I have been meditating on 20:6-13. When the people of Israel gathered together against Moses and Aaron and directly contended with Moses because they did not have water, Moses and Aaron threw themselves down with their faces to the ground and the LORD appeared to them. 

The LORD instructed Moses to do something visible for the assembled community. “...speak to the rock before their eyes.” The rock would then pour forth its water, and the people would know that the LORD provided for them because water came from a rock when it was but spoken to. This would have to be the work of God! 

But Moses did not speak to the rock. He “struck the rock twice.” 

The Scriptures interpret what happened. Moses did not trust the LORD enough to show Him as holy before the Israelites (20:12). What Moses did showed more of himself than God (NET Note). Moses and Aaron rebelled against the LORD’s instruction (20:24). 

Perhaps speaking to the rock wasn’t a show of force enough for Moses, so he struck it? But the LORD wasn’t after a show of force. The LORD was after a show of FAITH, and Moses failed. 

As a prophet of God (Moses) and as a priest of God (Aaron), these men had a common function in both of their offices. They were to show God as holy before the people. 

I think about what that means for a pastor, a deacon, and yes - every believer. What we do must be less about what WE do, and more about showing God as holy. If we want God to strike when God says “speak,” then we speak, and let God be God.