September 21, 2021 Christopher Campbell

2021-09-19 Sn | Sermonic Insights

2021-09-19 Sn | Sermonic Insights

I want my preaching to be memorable, but most of all, faithful to God's word. In this sermon, I outlined the movement of 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 with three "D" words to summarize three principles about the Holy Spirit's relationship with the Church. In my study, I noticed the following words in the text:

v.2 - ἀπαγόμενοι | "(you were) led astray" - Before Christ, when the Christians were pagans, they were led astray to worship "dumb idols." But the Holy Spirit will never lead the church astray. Instead, HE consistently and clearly leads us to our Savior, Jesus, who is not deaf, dumb, or dead! The Holy Spirit will never DECEIVE us.

v.4 - Διαιρέσεις | "varieties" - When this word "varieties" is repeated in the text, it is presented along with another word to describe God: αὐτὸς "same". God's gifts, services, and activities are given as "varieties," but God is always the "same." Therefore, variety cannot mean division. The Holy Spirit will never DIVIDE us.

v.7 - δίδοται | "is given" - This word is passive, meaning here, that God performs the action of giving to us. Each of us is given (by God) a manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. What grace! This giving for our benefit informs the third movement word, "deprive." The Holy Spirit will never DEPRIVE us of what we need to do His will.

May God accomplish His purposes through the preaching of His word!

This sermon is available on the podcast and website (audio, video, and preaching manuscript).