Children are welcome in worship! Children gather with the church for all parts of the worship service as an intentional way of passing on the faith to the next generation. Children learn songs and hymns, hear prayers and Scripture, and most importantly - they watch as the saints worship together. On most Sundays, children-specific activities and teaching are available during the sermon portion of the service.

Southside is prayerfully seeking the Lord and imagining ways to meaningfully and biblically minister to children and families. Pastor Christopher believes dropping off children to another's care so parents may worship is practical, easy, and at times appropriate (he has children of his own...!). However, this approach has obviously failed to pass on a love for the church and the faith of old to the next generation. The church has always been a community of faith, made up of all ages, and this includes children.

Southside desires to equip fathers, mothers, grandparents and children (the next generation of church members!) to BE the church that Christ has made them to be - during the week and especially when we gather together on the Lord's Day. Will you join us in this most important effort as we try new things and grow?