2021 | Deacons
  • Vernon Chance
  • J.B. Dye
  • John Jones
  • Sam Ward
  • Verlon Whaley
Pastor & Deacon Distinctives

Pastors and Deacons are two biblical offices within the local church. When functioning rightly, both offices fill distinct roles not independently, but interdependently as ministers of God’s Word for the edification of the body of Christ through shepherding and service.

Pastors are shepherd leaders, accountable to the chief-shepherd, Jesus Christ. Embodying the biblical qualifications of overseers, pastors direct the activities of membership, supervise the administration of resources, guard the congregation from false teaching and care for spiritual needs within the church body (soul care), rightly dividing God’s Word.

Deacons are servant leaders, imitating the servanthood of Jesus Christ. Embodying the biblical qualifications of deacons, they support the ministry of God’s Word as entrusted servants to answer complaints, model the faith, and care for temporal and physical needs within the church body.

God rewards and judges Pastors and Deacons according to qualifications set forth in His Word. Both offices minister God’s Word among the body of believers, and are therefore, accountable to the Lord. It is vital that those who are called or desire to serve understand, meet, and are held accountable to the Lord’s qualifications.