2021 Praise-Giving Revival! Special Guest: Evangelist Spencer Bell | Joshua 24:15 "The Greatest Decisions Of Your Life"

Sunday, November 14, 2021 Series: [2021 Praise-Giving Revival!] Spencer Bell

Most weeks, you hear the voice of a shepherd (pastor/teacher) preaching and teaching God's Word. But joining us today in Southside's pulpit is another voice and gift of God for His Church - the voice of an evangelist. Southside is pleased to welcome Evangelist Spencer Bell as he delivers a moving message entitled "The Greatest Decisions of Your Life." Please take a moment to visit Spencer's website, spencerbellministries.org, and pray about ways you can support Spencer's spiritual and material needs as he obeys God in vocational evangelism. Prepare your hearts now to hear "The Greatest Decisions of Your Life."

Sermon Video